Frequently Asked Questions

It has been more than 24 hours and I still haven’t received a reply from The Standard contact form — HELP!

First, check your spam folder (and make sure you add to your address book so that you receive future emails). If you are a gmail user, please look in the Promotions tab of your inbox, drag the email into the Primary tab and click “Yes” to ensure all future emails show up in your inbox. If you still haven’t received a response from us, please re-submit the form. Something could’ve gone wrong on our end. You can also always call our office at 865-971-3137.

Do you have a required/preferred vendor list we have to pick from?

Nope! All of your vendors must be insured, licensed in the State of Tennessee to do the job that you hire them for and abide by all of the rules outlined in the Rental Agreement. We are happy to make recommendations based on your event type.

Do I have to have a wedding planner?

No, however we strongly recommend that you hire the services of a professional wedding planner to help with planning and coordination of your day.

What’s the deal with the event insurance policy?

Our event insurance and vendor insurance policies protect The Standard and the vendors, but not you. To protect you in the same way on your event day, we require that you purchase “Day of Event” liability insurance. The insurance is available from your insurance agent, or on the web for a nominal fee. Your certificate is required by 21 days before your event. Exact requirements can be found in the Rental Agreement.

Where will my guests park?

There is a large city-owned parking lot directly across from The Standard that is free nights and weekends. Nights begin at 6pm during the week.

How early can we arrive? How late can we stay?

We require you to submit your day-of timeline 21 days in advance of your event for approval.  If additional days are needed for set-up or break-down, they may be purchased at a reduced rate based on availability.

Can I have my ceremony on the patio or in the 412 loft?

Of course! Both areas are great spaces for intimate ceremonies. The 412 Loft can accommodate 75 people for a ceremony and the patio can accommodate up to 60 people.

Do you have space for the bridal party to get ready?

The 412 Loft is a lovely place for the bridal party to get ready. It is spacious, furnished and equipped with changing rooms, restrooms, mirrors and make-up area.

What about the boys?

We have a fully furnished “man cave”!

Can I swing by, pop over, drop in?

Unfortunately, no.  Our office is not on site, and the building is locked when not in use. If an event is being set-up or happening, please do not enter the building. We’d be happy to schedule a tour with you.

Is alcohol allowed?

Yes, alcohol is allowed. For weddings, receptions and other private events we require renters to hire a licensed bartending service or caterer with the appropriate license and insurance covering event liability and alcohol liability risks. No freelance uninsured bartenders are allowed.

Nonprofit fund raisers must follow State of Tennessee laws and obtain the required special event permits through the state.

Are candles allowed?

Yes, however, they must be enclosed in glass and located a safe distance from all flammable materials. Sterno may be used with chafing dishes.

Do I have to hire a security guard?

College events, high school events, and events where the attendees (in a ratio exceeding 10 to 1) are younger than 21 years old must have a Knoxville Police Officer present during the entire event.

How do I secure my wedding date?

We require a completed, initialed and signed rental agreement along with a deposit in the amount of half of the rental rate + $300 to secure your date.